Storytime - Remastered

This is the result of a 48 hour game jam where the story was created by using an old literary collaboration technique.  Each jam participant was given a short writing prompt and asked to write what happens next in the story, without knowing the full context (similar to that old party game Mad Libs).  After each respondent created a few "scenes" in isolation, they were tied together to form a decision network.  We then set out to create 3d interactive scenes - including effects and voice overs!  This is the result!

- 24 3d scenes

- Full voice overs

- 6 Different endings.

Note: This game was orginally created using AFrame.js in 2015, but the code as checked in would no longer run.  In 2020 hsmith rewrote the game using the latest version of Unity, recycling most of the old assets and adding a few more to help with clarity - hence the remaster.  This version of the game was play tested by a single developer, but if you notice anything behaving in a way you don't think it should, please comment below!  Thank you!


  • arec
  • democore
  • ehasson
  • hsmith
  • richard
  • stefan
  • thegoatee
  • waking_the_witch


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good game

Thank you so much! We’re glad you enjoyed it =]