A solo game jam made in ~50 hours about surviving a zombie apocalypse.  There are 4 different endings (5 if you count dying) that you can uncover.  A single playthrough can take as little as a few minutes if you know what to do and the RNG gods are on your side.  Average playthrough seems ~30 minutes.


  • Press "?" to open up the help menu. (`Shift+/` sorry non EN keyboard / dvorak users)
  • Generally read the screen, anything in square brackets can be pressed on the keyboard to activate it.  i.e. press the [t] key to "Play with [T]urtles", etc
  • "Shift+I" opens up your inventory, and shows how many HP you have.
  • Go to your bedroom (where you start) and press [R] to rest.  It will pass the time until the next morning.  If you have any food, you'll eat it and regenerate your HP.
  • Killing enough zombies will get you more max HP after a sleep.
  • Read descriptions, they change based on what items you have in your inventory.
  • Every action progresses time.  The clock is displayed at the top.

# Hints

  • Watch the clock! Night is dangerous, more encounters, harder to run away.  More likely to run into giant hordes that will mess up your face.
  • Hidden stats like: noise weapons make, critical strikes, etc.  Play around with different weapons.
  • Scavenge a lot: drop rates are really low.

# Source Code

All source code, including the python script that generates the ASCII art is available here:


Bleeding edge version of the game can be played on gitlab pages (ie: this gets updated whenever I push to master, may or may not be working at any given time)


# Dev Notes

I've been trying to do a game a month, but this month I won't have access to my computer for 2 weeks so I had to rush.  I waffled a while and couldn't figure out what to make, this game was a happy accident.  There's a few endings I missed, and I was planning on going through and rewriting everything with more of an Earthbound flavor (my first pass was generic zombie stuff) but ran out of time.  Oh well.

I wanted to practice my JavaScript and try this UI library called SVELTE and this sort of just happened.

I'm posting this a little early since I will be AFK and not able to make updates if there are game breaking bugs.

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